Sunday, September 11, 2005

Expensive Trendsetting

It's cool to have a party on the Lower East Side for your birthday. I did it myself and had a great time, and I think pretty much everyone else did too.

It's not cool, however, to have a birthday party on the Lower East Side in a super hip club/hotel thing that charges over $10 for drinks. I mean, I don't mind the practice per se. If people like swankiness that's great...but not for college students. I mean, I went all the way downtown and could only pay for two drinks (one for me, one for my friend for her bday), and I figure - if I'm going to spend so much time on the subway I should be able to actually get drunk for my troubles, or at least afford a couple of drinks. Leave the hip bars to the i-bankers.



At 12 September, 2005 03:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For real - you should get the birthday girl trashed for her birthday, and yourself trashed for being such a good friend.


At 12 September, 2005 14:45, Blogger MR Fat Camp to you said...

It ain't easy bein indie and hip, but someone's gotta do it...

At 14 September, 2005 14:40, Blogger Lovely Cake said...

i fucking hate all you fucking indie hipsters. you should all move to washington heights and drink mexican beer for 8 bucks a six-pack. that way i won't have to spend any time on the subway!

love and kisses,
the embittered northern-dwelling hag


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