Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So, the other writer on this blog demonstrated last night, as per usual, that a) he has good taste in alcoholic beverages and b) that he has a very low tolerance for such beverages.

And that's why we all love him. His obsession with football (the real kind), hair gel (which I can understand), tidiness (which I could imagine myself understanding on a good day), and books (which I do understand), along with the above-mentioned "get drunk quick" approach to life and drinking, all roll up into this fine, strapping lad we call HeyZeus! (at least, on this blog we call him that).

And with that, I hope yesterday was a fabulous birthday for you. Many happy returns. We all love you.

Except for the Christian Right. They probably don't like you much at all...


At 24 August, 2005 01:03, Blogger HeyZeus! said...

V. sweet. It's nice to see that at least one of us is a good liar (although I def. can't hold my liquor).


At 25 August, 2005 11:22, Anonymous The Christian Right said...

No, we love you, too.

At 25 August, 2005 16:59, Blogger MR Fat Camp to you said...

Well, the Christian Right has spoken.

You are, indeed, universally loved

At 27 August, 2005 02:04, Blogger HeyZeus! said...

Highly doubtful, but a lovely sentiment. Also, I don't think the word "strapping" applies v. much - but we'll see if I can get smashed even faster tonite, huh? ;)


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