Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Loud Chocolate

Things that the Hungarian Pastry Shop is good for:

- Pastries that are good but are off-putting in some weird, undefinable way.
- Making yourself blind from the lack of adequate lighting.
- Seeing weird grad students.
- Studying 19th century Romantic music in preparation for a test to get me out of taking a ridiculous class.

Things that the Hungarian Pastry Shop is not good for:

- Card tricks.
- Loud freshmen
- RA excursions on the second day of orientation.

I was annoyed, especially since I couldn't hear half of the Tchaikovsky Overture, but those grad students looked pissed. However, they weren't angry enough to actually get over their deunionized impotence and say anything. Eventually the frosh left, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. And I went back to Mahler.



At 31 August, 2005 09:29, Blogger MR Fat Camp to you said...


This is the ongoing problem with Classical music. Due to its massive range in dynamics, unless you have Bose-quality headphones....loud assholes will make it difficult to hear.


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