Monday, August 29, 2005

Like cell phones

Only more irritating.

Who in the fucking hell thought that the walkie-talkie-style cell phones were a good plan?

What bastard decided that people on cell phones weren't annoying enough, that they had to add the unnecessarily loud beeping, and a loud, digitized voice responding to the speaker's loudly phrased questions?

Who, sitting in a research lab, said, "You know who I hate? People! What can I do to annoy them further?"

And where does he live? And does he have any severe food allergies?

Why must technological innovation begin with such annoying goddamn inventions? There is no logical need for these new cell phones - NONE. The only thing gained is slightly louder volume, the ability to hold the cell phone as though you are a secret agent (which, mind you, looks very stupid UNLESS you are a secret agent), and the above-mentioned ability to irritate the fucking hell out of anyone in a 20-foot radius.

YOU DUMB-ASS PEOPLE! Just use your damn cell phones normally!

People are convinced that you want to hear the music on their headphones, their end (and now both ends) of their cell phone conversations, and the soundtrack to their gameboys.



At 29 August, 2005 10:39, Blogger HeyZeus! said...

"You have an incoming call!" annoys me, but my cell phone has speaker phone, which is great for long waits on hold for corporate things and ignoring my parents when I have to talk to them.


At 29 August, 2005 12:56, Anonymous Ms. Squeaks-when-you-tickle-her said...

Fully concur. Annoying as fuck, and utterly useless. Am, like HZ, getting a little mileage out of speakerphone function on my new cell, as it means I can talk and use both of my hands at the same time without breaking my neck. However, I ONLY do this in the privacy of my room with the door shut.

At 29 August, 2005 16:17, Blogger MR Fat Camp to you said...

Well, one can do most anything in the privacy of one's own home (YOU HEAR THAT, W??????), I agree.

But the speaker phone is slightly different from what I'm describing. It's an actual walkie talkie feature, complete with the over and out style beeping...

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